An example of the custom software produced by Sumus Technology is animation of the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data that is made publicly available by numerous transit authorities.

Working from GTFS and Geographic Information System (GIS) data the software will generate a video of the transit activity for a given region and for a specified length of time.

These videos can be easily configured via an xml file, to specify the desired resolution, coloring, frame rate, frame period, etc. An example is shown below for Santiago, Chile.

Further examples of these movies can be seen by clicking here to go to our STLTransit YouTube channel, or by clicking on an icon (a blue bus) in the map below and then clicking on the top link in the popup to watch the corresponding YouTube video.

Sumus also generates transit density maps from GTFS data, an example of which is shown below for Oahu, Hawaii, with data made available by Oahu Transit Services.

Further examples of these images, and more information on how they are created, can be seen by clicking here to go to our page.

Sumus can provide custom versions of these videos and images for any interested transit authorities, government agencies, etc.