Security, whether physical or virtual, is of great importance in the world of today. From increasingly more organized online crime, industrial espionage, state sponsored hacking, to a large range of viruses, worms and phishing attacks, we have entered the age of cybercrime. Cyber attacks have evolved from the era of 'for fun' to 'for profit'. Needless to say, your network and the data it contains are becoming increasingly vulnerable to a myriad of attacks.

Sumus understands these issues and your concerns. Together we can come up with a strategy that protects your assets at a level you are comfortable with.

At Sumus, we believe IT security is a mindset, not an afterthought. We believe in building secure infrastructure and secure applications from the ground up. We've helped organizations of all sizes to strengthen their network, application, and data. Sumus has built a reputation for the quality of service it provides, through which we have gained the trust of our clients.

The following provides a general description of the services that we offer. Please contact us for more detailed solutions that will meet your needs.